Our work with clients usually starts with a consultation.

Once we both agree that we should work together, there will be a need for you, as a client, to purchase our services.

We choose to have a range of pre-set products and services that can be purchased here, while some customised or specialist work may be quoted and invoiced separately.

If you came across this page without speaking with us first, you are welcome to make a purchase.

But, we prefer if you make contact with us first to make sure we are a good fit for each other. If it turns out we are not a good fit, it saves refunding the purchase.

Also, there are other options than what appear on this page that may be a better fit for your needs. We can not suggest an alternative until we speak.

Share Our Team

Get all your small project work done for your website and digital marketing by sharing our team. Pre-purchase hours and work directly with the Project Manager to get your work done. Full details are available here...

Website Care Plans & Hosting

This service is available for WordPress websites, but only to approved clients. We won't provide Care to any old website. Obviously the ones we build and host are accepted, but others must meet a quality criteria and be hosted on an approved WordPress hosting service. You can peruse the service here...

Pre-Designed Turnkey Mobile Optimised Website

This is an entry level but high quality website suitable for startups, bootstrappers or those that don't have a need for a custom design. It requires a lower investment for a simple reason...you do not need to pay a designer or a programmer to convert the design into a website theme. By its nature, it won't be unique, however, with your logo, colours scheme, images and content, it will present your brand, company or purpose like any other website and with the same high quality development and technology.

It is particularly suitable for new enterprises where budgets may be restricted initially and where a clear picture of the future is not yet known. You can go through a number of iterations of a website as you fine-tune your target market and build some cashflow before stepping up to the larger investment for a custom designed website. Investigate more about this website option here...

Hybrid Designed Website - ThriveThemes

A lot of our clients are startups and smaller businesses and most are bootstrapped. But not everyone wants a pre-designed template website. Some prefer to get a bit more unique and design oriented, but aren't ready to make a big investment in a custom website.

ThriveThemes have developed a software tool, starter themes and various supporting marketing tools to allow business owners to create their own conversion oriented websites. You can check them out at ThriveThemes. (note this is an affiliate link).

We are great believers in ThriveThemes because their business is ideal for our typical clients.

But, many of our clients also wish to focus on growing their business first. As such, the effort involved in getting their website set-up is often just too much if not as high on the priority list. So we have a service that does that initial development for them. ThriveThemes have comprehensive tutorials and supporting information to help with development, but if it is not a priority, it will be for nothing.

This Hybrid Designed Website means the website can be developed using ThriveThemes tools (you will need to obtain a licence for ThriveSuite) in a reasonable time with focused attention and then because of the Support ThriveThemes provides, clients have the option to take the website inhouse and manage it from there themselves. Of course, they don't have to as we will happily act as an outsource provider until (if ever) the decision to go inhouse is made. But the option is there and it is not that complicated to learn so you could take it all over.

There are plenty of other website building tools on the market, and many of them are very good. However, most are built for website developers. While anyone can use them, they don't offer the support for business owners that ThriveThemes does. Check out what is included in the Hybrid Designed Website...