With Team Share, you have Our developers, content and strategic planning team on tap when needed

Clients always have some small projects to be done on their websites or for their digital marketing.

Even just planning what to do next.

We get asked to quote for this type of work all the time...and quite frankly, we can often do a job in the time it takes to investigate what has to be done and prepare a quote (sometimes quicker!).

It doesn't make sense to us to charge more for this type of work because quotations are needed.

And having to find another provider for this work can be difficult and time consuming for clients, so we have a solution...Team Share.

With Team Share, we give you access to our team (via our Service Desk email direct to the Project Manager) to request work to be done and you pre-purchase hours. We complete the work and record the time taken against your available hours. When your time gets close to running out, the Project Manager will ask you to purchase additional hours. And the cycle goes on...

Team Share gives you access to our team in 4 areas:

  1. Website Infrastructure: use our development Team to provide updates and improvements to your existing website(s), integration of other services, installation of plugins, content population (for both websites and email autoresponders), adding images and videos, maintenance work and software upgrades.
    We can even provide website rebuilds or makeovers, but talk to us first as there will most likely be more economical ways of doing larger projects than Team Share.
  2. Copywriting: Content creation is critical but often gets overlooked because of pressure to do other things (often less important but more urgent!). We can research and draft content allowing you to be the editor rather than having to do the whole job yourself.
  3. Email Marketing and Marketing Automation: there are a number of email platforms that integrate well with websites and allow for automated marketing programs to operate. We are experienced in this space and can not only implement but also develop strategic plans for your business...including selecting the right tools for your needs.
  4. Strategic Business Planning: With decades of high level business expertise under the belt, our strategic consulting for online marketing and business growth can help guide you towards your goals and avoid mistakes.
    Or maybe you just want someone who has been there and done that to bounce ideas off.

To access Team Share, simply pre-purchase 5 or 10 hours. Our hourly rate is $130 (+GST) and you can purchase in 5 or 10 hour blocks. The 10 hour block has a $10/hour discount applied. Note: Strategic Business Planning incurrs a 1.5x hourly rate ie for every hour of SBP time, 1.5 hours is deducted from your available hours (we do it this way to save you having to buy separate time blocks and because SBP time is generally called on less frequently). Note: Further discounts apply for recurring purchases.

This Team Share solution means you only have to pay for what you use with no continuing staff overheads. In the future when or if it ever becomes economical for you to employ someone full time yourself, you can still access Team Share for the skills a single employee doesn't possess, for holiday cover or for occasional or overflow work.

Team Share is an efficient use of resources without adding recurring overhead.

Simply click on the button below to see examples of what can be done and to select either 5 or 10 hour blocks of Team Share time.