With Team Share, you have Our developers, content and strategic planning team on tap when needed

While our core business focus is on lead generation including PPC, SEO and Email Marketing/Automation, we see continual needs for website infrastructure improvements. Having to find another provider for this work can be difficult and time consuming, so we have a solution.

You can access our associated web development business's Developer Team to provide updates and improvements to your existing website(s), integration of other services, installation of plugins, content population (for both websites and email autoresponders), adding images and videos, maintenance work and software upgrades.

We can even provide website rebuilds or makeovers, but talk to us first as there will most likely be more economical ways of doing larger projects than Team Share.

In addition, if you need Strategic Planning consulting for marketing or business growth or just to bounce ideas off someone who has been there and done that, that is also available.

When you need help with some strategic consulting or technical or administrative work on your website, simply pre-purchase hours and you can place a requests through the Project Manager to use Team Share services by the hour. 

All time spent will be logged and available to you at any time. If you are out of "time" the Project Manager will ask you to purchase more before proceeding.

This solution means you only have to pay for what you use with no continuing staff overheads. When or if it ever becomes economical to employ someone full time, you can still access Team Share for the skills a single employee doesn't possess or for occasional or overflow work. Efficient use of resources without adding recurring overhead.

Simply click on the buttons below to see what can be done and to purchase 5 or 10 hour blocks of Team Share time.