Discover The Leads Lying Hidden In Your Website

A great place to start in understanding how you can increase leads and customer conversion from your website is with a Discovery Audit.

Or, if you have a specific request to implement (for example) Active Campaign to automate your online marketing, then a Discovery Audit is also the right place to start.

This is the starting point to get the conversation and planning going and involves the following process:

  • We investigate your website, email marketing and/or automation service and landing pages accounts (and any other services that might be relevant) and look at what you are doing now and how it is setup
  • If you don’t have the infrastructure yet or have just purchased a service such as Active Campaign but are struggling to set it up, we will suggest a solution and assess what has to be done
  • Review what you want to achieve and what ideas and plans you have. We send you a short questionnaire for this
  • Understand what is working and not working (from your point of view) right now
  • We run a critical eye over everything and look for ways to create or improve results
  • Then hold an online meeting to discuss our findings and suggest a plan going forward

While a Discovery Audit is a valuable service on its own, it is also the first step in us working out if we can help you and pointing you in the right direction.

If you appoint us to work with you to improve your online lead generation and conversion after the Discovery Audit, then a 50% rebate of the US$350 Discovery Audit investment will be offset against further investment in our services.