Business Or Marketing Strategy?
We See A Lot...Let Us Help.

Strategic planning, mentoring or coaching....full details coming.


Nothing too heavy.

We want you to get maximum "bang for your buck". So, when it comes to telling us what you want done, provide detailed, clear instructions, illustrations and annotated screen shots...just like you were instructing someone in your own office to do the work. That will minimise the extra work needed at our end.  If the Project Management is required to interpret and prepare instructions, then that time will be charged at the My Team rate. Clear instructions will ensure you get best value from your My Team investment...measure twice, cut once.

All time spent will be logged and available to you.

If you are out of "time" the Project Manager will ask you to purchase more before proceeding.

Purchased hours expire after 12 months. We will remind you before the time expires. Minimum 15 minute increments will be charged against the pre-paid amount. If you have hours available and want to use them for a Strategic Consulting session, they can be used at a rate of 1.5 "My Team" hours for 1 Strategic Consulting hour.

To purchase My Team hours, click on either the 5 hour or 10 hour options below: